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The Eve of St. Agnes

My young adult short story,"The Eve of St. Agnes," appeared in the Fall 2010 issue of the online literary journal, Hunger Mountain.

Seventeen-year-old Courtney dreams about her future husband on January 20th, the Eve of St. Agnes. One problem: he's the geekiest guy in her school. Can one girl on her own fight against the power of dreams? Can St. Agnes help?

What other writers are saying about "The Eve of St. Agnes":

Tim Wynne-Jones: "I love this story. I love the dreamlike, pell mell pace of it, the falling down a snowy-hillside fantasy of it, all wrapped around in wintery warmth. Such a shiny polished gem."

Julie Larios: "Keats and The Wart – two names you might not expect to see in the same story!!"

Frances Lee Hall: "The St. Agnes connections give the story a fascinating and fun twist. Every poetic detail is carefully crafted with its place and significance well shown. I love the pins."

Shannon Evans interviewed me on her writing blog, where I talk about my writing history, my morning creativity schedule, and of course saints!