Margaret Nevinski

Animal Acrostics

From a slinky salamander to a dancing dolphin, “Animal Acrostics” are poems using the letters of the animals’ names down the page. The poems were published in the Winter 2009 issue of R.E.A.L. The Canadian Kids’ Magazine.

“Animal Acrostics” are illustrated by the award-winning artist, Naomi C. Rose. To visit Naomi and to see her beautiful artwork, go to

Excerpts from “Animal Acrostics”:

Naps under a damp rock.
Deposits slippery eggs.
Eats oozy earthworms.
Reigns over a dark, secret world.

Who am I?
Listen and wait on a snow-filled night.

Frog wants a snack.
Ribbit! Ribbit!
Ooogly eyes
Good-bye, flies!

Dancing in the
Half-moon arcs
Iridescent water

From Margaret Nevinski:

Acrostics are a great way to have fun with words. I like to play with poetry as a way to inspire ideas.

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